Welcoming Our New Chaplain

Friendship Village believes in supporting our residents spiritually, and we are pleased to announce Gary Sollenberger has accepted the position as our newest Chaplain!

“I’ve studied Pastoral Ministries at Warner Southern University. The school is affiliated with Church of God in Anderson, Indiana. My first pastoring position was at the United Methodist Church in Jay County, IN for about seven years, then I received a pastoring position at Albany Christian Church in 2007 in Albany, IN. I’ve also worked at Ball Hospital (Ball State University) as one of their Chaplain associates.

“In the fall of 2012, my family and I decided to move back to Ohio. In early 2013, I started my journey here at Friendship Village. I started working in the Activities department and helping Chaplain Snowdon in ministry duties. I’ve also helped out at local churches filling in as the Pastor when needed.

“One question I’ve received is what to be called? Chaplain? Pastor? Reverend? ‘Pastor Gary’ has always seemed to be the easiest title for people to remember me, but I’m really not a stickler for a “certain title.” Call me whatever you may… just don’t call me late for dinner!!

“I am extremely grateful to receive this position as Chaplain as well as my family! I look forward to this new adventure at Friendship Village. I look forward to serving all of you with your spiritual needs.”