Welcome Aboard, Lisa!

🎉 A warm welcome to Lisa Schindler, our new Campus Marketing Director! Lisa has been in the senior care industry for 28 plus years and is a certified Dementia Practitioner. She’s got a passion for working with seniors, decorating, fashion, working out, and loves spending time with her great nieces and nephews and her husband of 36 years. Lisa volunteers at Mercy Hospital and is on the Hospital Extended Care Council and on the board of Cheering for Charity, an Alzheimer’s and Dementia Foundation. She also has been involved in the past with Opening Minds through Art program. In this photo, she proudly presents the Outstanding Achievement in the Buckeye-CPAN Quality Performance Program awarded to Friendship Village! 🏆 Welcome aboard, Lisa! Our residents and staff are delighted and honored to have you on our team! 🌳