SeniorWell Informational Meet & Greet

Earlier this week, we hosted a Meet & Greet Happy Hour featuring Tina from SeniorWell, a provider of on-site healthcare for seniors in senior living communities! Friendship Village has contracted with SeniorWell to provide ancillary healthcare services to our residents. Tina spoke about the different services SeniorWell provides, such as Podiatry, Optometry, Audiology and Dental! Common procedures performed include examination of the ears, speech recognition, ear wax removal, examination of the mouth, assessment of problem focused areas, cleaning above or below the gum line, examination of the eyes, eyeglass prescription determination, examination of the feet and more! SeniorWell works with Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Insurance and there are no hidden fees! Friendship Village residents can expect up-to-date information regarding the next time SeniorWell will be on site for each specialty.