Scooter and Electric Wheelchair Basic Rules


For your safety and the safety of others! 🛵

1. Pedestrians always have the right of way.

2. When passing anyone in the hallway, always announce your presence. Don’t assume the pedestrian can see or hear you.

3. Never tailgate a pedestrian, follow at a safe distance, no more than 10 feet.

4. Always bear to your right to form a two-way traffic pattern. When in doubt, bear to the right!

5. Speed limit for Friendship Village is normal walking speed. Do not increase your speed if it appears to be a clear area.

6. For the safety of pedestrians riding on elevators, if the elevator is full, please wait until the next available elevator.

7. When exiting an elevator, look both ways.

8. At every intersection, STOP. Check overhead mirrors, look both ways, wait for traffic, then proceed.

9. Use caution when carrying walkers and canes on the back of your motorized wheelchair/scooter. Hanging items can hit walls or people when turning in tight areas.

10. Be sure your motorized wheelchair/scooter is turned off each time you get on or get off. Never attempt to get off while it is moving.

11. When outdoors, if possible, drive on the sidewalks. When travelling on the car lanes, always bear to the right near the curb.

12. Your motorized wheelchair/scooter license must always be on your motorized wheelchair/scooter.