Happy 100th Birthday, Dick!

Please congratulate DICK BOESCH for celebrating his 100th BIRTHDAY on May 31st! Dick is a Veteran of World War II & was a Bombardier for the U.S. Air Force. He flew on 6 missions for our country and he & his team of 6 actually had to eject from the bomber on 1 mission because the enemy shot them down. All six bombardiers safely ejected and they ended up landing without knowing what country they had landed. Later, Dick and his fellow bombardiers found out that they had landed in France. Dick was married to his lovely bride for 53 years before she passed away and he has no children. He has been a resident here for over 11 years & all of us have become his adopted “children”. He is a lovely & kind man who goes out of his way to make people smile. His great sense of humor is a gift that he shares with all of us here at Friendship Village. Dick has seen a lot in his 100 years and seems to take in stride that his 100th birthday occurred during the COVID-19 crisis. As you can see from the pictures “We are six feet apart but heart to heart”… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DICK!