Chaplain’s Corner; September 2019

U.S. Tragedy

“The Lord is in His holy temple; the Lord’s throne is in heaven; His eyes behold……” —Psalm 11:4 (NKJV)

September has become a month that has been burned into the memories of many alive today. No longer is it a romantic kind of month as the song “See You in September” suggests. But has become a month filled with tragedy and heartache as the United States was attacked on her own soil for only the second time in over 100 years and on the mainland for the first time in over 200 years. September 11 may be a day now living in infamy failing in comparison only to December 7. And though we shall never forget the many directly affected by the heinous attacks to our security from evil outside our country. Many in recent years have become concerned about the evil attacks inside our country. With the recent mass shooting here in Dayton and the many others that are happening around our country it seems perhaps that there is more tragedy taking place than just on those two most famous of days. It is very unsettling to be sure but, even with all these tragedies of past, present and future, be assured that the Lord is still on His throne and His eyes behold all that is happening. Nothing gets past Him and no one who sheds the blood of the innocent will go unpunished. These are promises from scripture.

A poem was given me that was written by Shanna Ebert on September 17, 2001. Shanna was just 14 at the time. Her words were written in loving memory of those who died on September 11, 2001. But I believe her words are still relevant today for the tragedies that continue.
U.S. Tragedy
By Shanna Ebert

Sometimes things happen with no explanation,
You want to just cry out, why God? Why this way?
So many people lay dead and crushed needing help?
This is truly a history making day.

People were screaming hour after hour,
Horror struck our nation watching the pain,
Men and women jumped to their death,
The U.S. didn’t know at first who to blame.
More time went by and the nation waited,
Waiting to know who could do such a terrible thing,
How could anyone celebrate the deaths of so many?
Even to be in the street dancing and singing.

The death toll has been too great,
Families are in great pain and sorrow,
Husbands and wives, children and parents,
Wait for a loved one to walk through that door tomorrow.

The evil in this world is taking over,
Instead of loving one another we now hate,
We all can’t even get along with each other,
But the Lord will always reign at any rate.

The tears that have been cried are countless,
Anger has risen from our great tragedy,
You can’t replace a life just like that,
But to put peace first, that is the key.

I pray for our leaders to have comfort and strength,
Helping our country make the right decision,
May God bless our country and be with us through devastation,
And may we honor the Lord in our words and let Him give us a vision.

Many have tried in vain to explain why these tragedies happen, but sadly we may never fully understand why on this side of Heaven. This much I know for certain, God sees the tragedies and will comfort us and get us through them all. We are to keep our eyes on Him and not on our fears and circumstances. Remember He is still on His throne and has a firm grasp on all that is happening. Trust Him to handle it and trust Him to calm us with His peace, that passes all understanding.
Blessings, Pastor Gary