Chaplain’s Corner 11/19 “Full or Thankful”


Someone once wrote, “The best of all our blessings is a thankful heart.” Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and watched as a father led his family in prayer before they began their meal? Such incidents are very rare these days. Most people just dive into their food, never thinking of its Provider. Perhaps you have seen Norman Rockwell’s painting of the plainly dressed old lady and little boy bowing over their food in a cheap eatery surrounded by curious and callous spectators.

I was told a story once of a memory someone had.  They said, they remembered being at a public park and observing a grandfather praying over a picnic meal with several grandchildren bowing reverently. When they commended the man for his witness, he disappointed them by passing it off with the words, “Custom, just custom!” Was that man really thankful? God knows our hearts and can tell if we are humbly grateful for our blessings or only “going through the motions.” He knows if we are just full or truly thank-full.

Most people are not a thankful people. Like the Hebrew people when they wandered in the wilderness, most people murmur and complain while meandering aimlessly through life, grabbing at all that would please the flesh, but never giving credit to the God who created them and provides the very air they breathe. It seems as though all is taken for granted.

Romans chapter 1 contains a description of condemned man, and one of the fatal qualities is his unthankful attitude. Praise and thanksgiving should characterize every believer for it is that attitude that pleases God.

Notice from the following scriptures what a thankful heart does for God:

Psalm 50:14,15,23–Praise and thanksgiving GLORIFIES God–it exalts God.

Psalm 69:30—–Praise and thanksgiving MAGNIFIES God—it enlarges God.

Psalm 69:31–Praise and thanksgiving GRATIFIES God–He is pleased with a thankful heart.

Psalm 40:3–Praise and thanksgiving IDENTIFIES God–it points to Him instead of ourselves.

Not only does a thankful heart make us a more pleasant, easy-to-live-with person, it also does something for God—it is perhaps the only thing we can do in return for all His blessings to us.

The conclusion in a nutshell is this: Most people are not very thankful. Even their table grace is perfunctory and lifeless. God is very pleased with a thankful spirit and it is perhaps the greatest sacrifice we can give Him, plus being one of the greatest testimony we can offer to a thankless world.

Blessings to All,

Pastor Gary