Bill’s Retirement

Behind every resident’s comfort of home is a maintenance team who has worked hard to ensure the appliances are functional, the locks are secure, the air conditioner cools and the heating system provides warmth. Behind each staff member’s success is a maintenance team who educates about safety and disaster planning, who keeps the grounds clear of snow and adheres to many varying requests.
Friendship Village expresses much gratitude to Bill Shields, Environmental Services Director, who has been with us for the last 14 years, and is now retiring. Bill has been instrumental in multiple changes and additions, including contributing to the process of adding Buildings 1 and 2 in Assisted Living.
We presented Bill with a retirement gift he can enjoy while at the lake and honored his dedication. “What will I miss the most from Friendship Village? The friendships I have made over the many years with residents and staff,” he states. On behalf of all staff and residents, thank you for all you have accomplished! Happy retirement!